Master of Business Management

Ignite your career with Ruhuna MBM

6th Intake 2023

The prime objective of the Ruhuna MBM is to prepare the candidates of the program to reflect and provide valuable insight into management practices as they apply to many different areas of businesses. The Ruhuna MBM program is structured as a taught master's qualification to impart knowledge and improve the skills among the candidates in the area of business management. Further it will aid students in improving judgment and decisions making in order to leverage opportunities and create competitive advantage under dynamic market conditions.

Well Qualified and Highly Experienced Teaching Panel

With the objective of providing a high-quality teaching, Ruhuna MBM uses a highly experienced and qualified lecturer panel and the expertise of industry professionals in the form of workshops in order to blend the theory with real-world practice.

Course Modules

The courses are designed by highly experienced and qualified academics with the participation of industry with the objective of equipping students to face dynamic market conditions as effective managers/decision makers.

State of the Art Teaching Environment

Ruhuna MBM utilizes State-of-the-art classrooms and other learning management systems to reflect on new techniques of teaching. In addition to face to face direct sessions, students can utilize the Faculty’s Learning Management System (LMS) for further learning.

Graduate Profile

The graduate profile describes knowledge, skills, and attitudes, which Ruhuna MBM intends its graduates will develop through their study so that they will become more effective managers/resource allocators in the future. We expect Our graduates to demonstrate attached qualities so that they become better equipped to deal with challenges of the 21st century.

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